Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mom's Bonus Room

For Christmas my oldest sister and I decided that we would "give" my mom our time and help her refinish her "Bonus Room". My mom has a massive house and the 4th floor is what we call the Bonus Room. This room is used as an extra bedroom suite as well as the play room for all of the grandkids.

She would be absolutely appalled if she new I was posting these pictures but they are the only ones I have of this room on the computer. But....
We had a custom headboard built in quite a few years ago that holds 2 beds. We now have 2 queen size beds along with gorgeous bedding on each one.
The sofas have been taken out and will hopefully soon be replaced with some chairs, sofa or something nice to sit on. (these ones are UGLY) It is obvious that the grandkids had a hay day in here when I took the picture a while ago.

Anyway, on May 22, my sister is coming down from Idaho and we are going to take a weekend and paint this room, get rid of all the wood trim and paint it an off white color and then I will more than likely have to go back after it all dries and stain all of the walls. We are also getting rid of this HIDEOUS purple carpet!!! We have been wanting to do that for years! (it was in the house when they bought it)

I am excited to finally be moving forward with this project that my mom and I have been wanting to do for years.... we have just been waiting for the nod of approval from my step-dad and we got it. I can't wait to show you a new room when it is all done.... (and no, this room is not going to be done on a budget like I normally do).

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