Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Already!

I don't know about you guys, but I am chomping at the bit to get my Christmas decorations up! On Friday I was at the Dollar Store looking for some Kitchen Storage Containers and they didn't have what I was looking for.... so, of course I went wandering around and I fell upon the Christmas decorations section. Normally I would totally be thinking "How great can decorations be at the Dollar Store" right... But holy cow, they have some great stuff there that definitely should not be looked over!

In my last house, my Christmas Tree was in the corner of our Family Room, which means that I technically only needed to decorate half of it. Well this year, I am putting my Christmas Tree in my front window which means I will need all four sides decorated.

A few years ago I went on a shopping rampage for tree decorations at my favorite design wholesale place Taiwan Imports. This is a place that only people of the trade can go to. I bought some gorgeous stuff, and even though I still got them on a great deal, they still cost me a bit of money. Well since I have more tree to decorate this year, I needed some extra decorations to fill in all around and I was excited when I came across these!
They had quite a bit to choose from but these are things that will go great with what I already have for my tree.
I love these gold glitter twirl sticks! I actually got these for my moms tree a few years ago (for more money may I add) and they are so fun in there that I wanted to get them for my tree. These red glitter balls were 12 for $1!!! How can you beat that! I bought all of this for $7 and I guarantee that when you see it all in my Christmas Tree, you won't be able to tell what was from the Dollar Store and what is my nice stuff. I am so excited to get it all out and put together, but I guess I should wait just a few more weeks! :)

If you are needing to add some things to your decorations this year or want something completely new, definitely don't shut out the idea of the Dollar Store. I am amazed at some of the things they carry!


  1. I went to my local dollar store the other day and found baby blue snowflake ornaments. I got the same snowflakes two years ago at Joann's for more money--but they didn't carry blue, so I was excited! They do have some good stuff if you look around. So excited to see your tree!!

  2. I just got some tree ornaments from the dollar store too... my girls each have a smaller tree in their rooms with their own colors, since I just redid my two girls room, it was fun to find hot pink and turquoise stuff that matches their new colors... I can't wait to put them up!


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