Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.....

I have said it a bazillion times and I will continue saying it until the end of time....... PLEASE decorate your home with PICTURES!!!! I have shown you some picture collages from my own home and our cabin, but I haven't shown you the ones from my sister's gorgeous home.
The place that people NEVER think to hang pictures is in the bathroom.... but these pictures above are in the half bath of my sister's laundry room.... SO CUTE!

I have to tell you this little story about pictures in the bathroom. In my last house I had pictures of my husband and I hanging above the toilet. We had fall pictures done and the colors in that bathroom were fall colors so I thought WHY NOT!..... well, I didn't think about this, but my brother was over one day and walked out of the bathroom and said, "Nothing like going to the bathroom and having you and James staring right at me!" Totally thought it was funny.... so maybe hang them on another wall than the one above the toilet if you so choose to do :)

This is her collage above her stairs of her family. I love the vinyl lettering on the glass and framed! This is a great arrangement if you have a really large wall to fill.

Then a simple arrangement in the hallway with a quote. Such cute boys ;) Kind of funny, this sister has all boys and me and my other sister have all girls..... not sure who the lucky one is ;)

When people walk into your home, do they know who lives there?

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