Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yikes, Stripes......

OK, I know you couldn't resist singing it!!! Or, maybe I am the only one that remembers jingles from FOREVER ago! Remember the commercial "Yikes, stripes, fruit striped gum, the yummy fruit part hee hee hee ha ha ha?" That really doesn't have anything to do with my post, other than I do want to talk about stripes...... and TEENAGERS!

Honestly, were you one of those teenagers that had posters plastered all over your walls of your favorite celebrities? The boys that you thought were SO HOT! I was TOTALLY one of those girls in junior high. My walls were not a sight to be seen (in a design point of view... I would have argued that they really were a sight to be seen with all of the hotties). As a designer now, I REALLY struggle with the whole teenager bedroom scene.

This past weekend while I was at my sister's house in Idaho, I was staying in her teenage sons bedroom. I decided that I had to post about it and give a tip on it since they did a good job creating a compromise of a teenagers room and not making it look so cluttered like teenagers tend to do.

What is the one thing that pretty much ALL boys like?...... SPORTS! Well my nephew likes one team in particular....
Now this is where my whole striped song comes in. I love how they painted the stripes horizontally around the room in the teams colors. This adds some sophistication to the room as well as some playfulness.

Then in these last 2 pictures, you see that he still has team memorabilia all over the walls, but with it framed and the stripes behind it... it doesn't look like a typical teenagers room. It some how makes it feel a bit more grown up.

Do you have a teenagers room that could use some sophistication to it? I know mine could have used it back in the day...


  1. I just showed Curtis your custom murals that you do, and we both agree that you're amazing!! Very talented.

    1. I love what you did with Baby M's room! Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of space and am on a very limited budget. The one item I would like to splurge on is a crib. The problem is that I live in Hawaii and no one will ship, if they do, it increases the cost of the item by at least $100. I found the Babi Italia Scandi crib abd the Babymod Olivia crib online and thought that ToysRUs or Walmart could bring them in, but unfortunately they will not if it is not an item they regularly stock

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