Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Will NOT believe this......

I have kind of been putting off this post because I am a little embarrassed over this one! A week and a half ago I went and stained my mom's "bonus" room (as we call it). This is her 4th floor... yes that is right, her 4th floor of her house (if you count the basement). Anyway, I am finally getting to posting the pictures and showing you what I did.
Here is the before picture that I have shown you before. Notice the not so lovely wood trim that goes around every... single... set of closet doors.... it was definitely a bit much and an eye sore to say the least.
(this picture is out of place but this is showing the stairs which I will talk about in a minute)

Here is after the trim got all painted by 2 of my brothers, my oldest sister and myself.... and here is one of my little helpers as I was taping for the second layer... isn't she such a doll!
and then mommy's little helper #2! They came up with my while I taped.... I promise they weren't in the room when I started staining.
Now here is the official picture of the room with the fresh coat of white paint on the walls and the trim. Isn't it just a breath of fresh air from the wood trim around the doors? I love it already.....
I am so happy to see the white trim in there..... or should I say I am so happy to NOT only be noticing the dark trim around the doors!

So here is the part that I have been SCARED to show you!!! I got started on the staining and was just finishing the first wall when I went to go move the ladder and.........

OH....... (I don't swear so none of those words came out.... but I was thinking crap)

I dumped almost the ENTIRE qt. of stain on top of me and the carpet!!!! I KNOW!!!

I swear it all happened in slow motion and I just couldn't get to it fast enough. My first thought was to run downstairs and get my mom..... but then I realized that I would get stain ALLOVER her almost white carpet so I stopped myself, then I realized that I couldn't stop staining or else I would be stuck in the same boat as I was here so I knew I had to just keep going. I took my rag, wiped off the stain from my legs, ladder and carpet and kept going.... FYI.. It took me 2 showers of HARD scrubbing with a loofa to get it off my skin.... NOT FUN! Need less to say, my pants went into the garbage after that!

But here is how it turned out in the end.

This is a lighter and warmer color than I used in my house but it is a nice color for a room that doesn't get much light..... SPEAKING of light.... this little window in the picture above is getting an OVERHAUL!!! We are very excited! We have decided to rip this window out and replace it with a larger window so that we can get more light and see the AMAZING backyard my parent's have (I will show you that another day)

Now I'm not finished with the walls yet since I ran into another issue. I went to go stain the wall above the stairs and it turned out the my stairs ladder doesn't work on these stairs since they are shorter and steeper.... So... I have to rig something up that is not what I would call SAFE by all means but I don't know what else to do.

I am going to stretch my big ladder across the stairs opening, lay a board on it and put the smaller, lighter ladder on top of that. I told my husband that he had to be there watching me for safety sake... so I haven't done it yet........ SO, once again I will have to try and match up the stain but at least this time it is only about 8 inches.

Aren't you so glad that you have me to make all of the mistakes for you and that you can learn from mine....... I know seriously...... :)

I forgot to mention, my mom came up shortly after I spilled everything and just started laughing (after her jaw dropped)!!! It is a good thing we were planning on replacing the nasty purple carpet already. I'm glad my mom has a sense of humor :)


  1. I'm so glad that you were going to replace the carpet anyway... either that or buy a really big throw rug!

    Oh, and I love that you stained the angled wall up to the ceiling (is there a name for that?). My mom has a bonus room with walls like that too; I'll have to tell her to follow suit.

    You're really talented Lindsi, I love seeing what you come up with.

  2. By the way, I bought a label maker a few weeks ago and thought of you :)


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