Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Before & After Master Bathroom Painting

So our master bathroom was in some serious need of some TLC!

The towel rod was in the middle of this wall
& when we were moving in it was hanging off on one side and had ripped out part of the wall.
My husband patched it up as you can see in the picture.
The tile isn't straight along the tub due to a really poor tub installation job and has always bothered us.... along with grout all over the wall. We have debated on ways to make this not so noticeable such as trim it off with a small trim, but we decided to paint it and see what it did... I didn't take very good pictures so you can't see how bad it really is...
But here is the after picture.... once again, you can't really see it but it is amazing what the world of difference the paint made.
Here is our "Water Closet". I bought these wreaths for my last house for about $2.50 each and I really like them in here....
But now I love the color in here also.
The color in all of the pictures are looking a bit more orange than it really is. The color is a bit more caramely in person.
We had a towel ring holder here that also ripped out of the wall and my husband had to fix it.
Here is the wall painted.....
And here the towel ring is hung and functional once again.
Excuse the mess as I was just starting to pull everything up and start taping.... (my husband is more embarassed about the mess than I am.... who are we kidding if you let everyone think that our house is spotless all the time!)
Here it is clean and painted! AAAHHH!!! So much nicer!
This kind of shows the crappy grout and tile job...

And in the next picture, the paint pretty much hides all of that!

I am so happy that this is done so that I can enjoy this room once I have my little one in the next 2 weeks! Accessories will come later, I just wanted to show the paint job that we did!

You will hear it from me non-stop on here.... Paint your walls and don't be afraid of color! I love how warm my bathroom feels now and I actually want to just sit in the bathtub now! (my husband has never sat in the tub until we painted the walls... I think it cozied it up for him too!)


  1. Beautiful color for the bath. The wreaths are so pretty in the water closet.

  2. Lindsi, I love it! What color did you go with? I too am not afraid of color, I love how it feels like a nice warm blanket. Beautiful!!!!!


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