Monday, December 21, 2009

Tip Of The Week - Making what you have work!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I went up to our family cabin with my husband and my baby girl for the weekend!
We have to snowmobile to get into the cabin during the winter and that is always fun, not quite as easy when you are 8 months pregnant though :)

While I was up at the cabin I came up with this weeks Tip of the Week.

How many of you out there have something in your room that you can't get rid of and you don't like all to much? Example: cabinets, carpet, sofa, etc.

My family purchased our cabin about 4 years ago or so. This cabin was built in the mid 90's I believe and came with Teal carpet! It is not the most attractive color of carpet but it was in good shape and we didn't want to replace it.
I decided to take that color as my inspiration and make it work in the space.

The room I am going to show you is our basement t.v./ping pong room. I really made sure that in this room, the carpet looked like it was intentional instead of an old outdated choice.

Here is the carpet with the rug that was chosen.
We started with the sectional which is a reddish leather and we worked from there.
We found this rug that had the reddish color as well as the teal color in the design and it was the perfect starting off point to bringing our colors together.
Next we found these pillows at Target and brought all of the colors in with 3 different pillows but coordinate very nicely with each other.

Here is a better view of the pillows on the sectional,
and here is a picture showing the pillows on the sectional with the rug and the carpet.

Above the sofa we did this arrangement and once again, everything has all of the colors in them, even a hint of the teal color which brings that carpet in once again!

Here is a close up of one of the pictures. You can see that there is small flecks of the teal color in it and works perfectly with everything.

Here is a floral arrangement that I made and I intentionally brought in these teal pods to bring in that color once again.

The fabric for these window valances did not have deal in it but had the other colors in it, so we decided to take a small teal ribbon and sew it on the fringe to bring it in.

We found these vases
and plates that happened to have all of the colors in them!

We were quite lucky to find so many accessories with the reddish color, peanut butter color, and the teal all them and help coordinate and tie in everything.

I actually love the way that this room turned out and it actually makes you like the carpet when everything is taken in. I actually liked this room so much that unconsciously I realized that it was one of the inspirations for my living room that I am working on right now. The drapes are that I am using are the same fabric as the checkered pillows on the sofa, so I am bringing in almost the same colors to my living room as this t.v. room.
That's a good sign :)

If you have something in your home that you aren't quite sure about, see if there is a way that you can make it work and maybe become a piece that you love.

The best way to do this is probably to think about the colors that you are pairing it with. I don't want to go into a lot of detail here on that because it could take me all day to get into the color coordinating and to be honest, every room is different in how I would approach it. But there are ways to make something stand out or you can choose a color to help blend it in and not be so noticeable. This can be a really great way to save money to not have to replace that one thing in your house that you consider an eye sore. You may just fall in love with it :)

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