Friday, January 29, 2010

Beadboard Process

I have found that this project isn't for the faint hearted. It was so much more work and time consuming than both my husband and I were anticipating but when all said and done, we are both VERY pleased with the results and I think we would do it again !? :)
Here is what we started with. Basic tan walls and a very small bedroom.
I went around the room and taped off just the top section of the room since I was only needing to paint the top of the room with the beadboard covering the bottom half.
I chose this peach color for the top half. The color is called Warming Peach from Sherwin Williams but I had Home Depot mix it in a Behr paint. (did you you know that Home Depot has other companies colors on file and they can just select the color and mix it without having to do an actual color match? I had no idea until they did this color.)
Next we took the 4'x8' panels of beadboard and cut them in half so that they were 4'x4' squares or down to whatever size we needed for each section and glued them down with liquid nails glue and then nail gunned them down to secure them.
Then we took a 5" baseboard and turned it upside down and ran it along the top to finish it off.
Some of the areas didn't butt up perfectly so my husband went in with wood filler and filled in the gaps and used a small nail to create the little grooves to make it look like the rest of the beadboard.
Here at the window sill we had a section that wasn't covered so used wood filler once again to make it look like the beadboard.
Once everything was in place and nail holes were filled, seams were caulked, and wood filler was sanded down, we laid drop cloths and tucked them under the base boards and taped the painted area off. We used this great product that had the tape and this plastic already attached together, well worth the little extra money.
Then we borrowed a spray gun from my husband's best friend and spray painted the beadboard.

We needed to match the color of the existing baseboards & closet doors, so we took a bathroom door into Home Depot & they were able to create a perfect match. I had them mix the paint in a paint-primer in 1 and in a semi-gloss finish so that it is easier to wipe up.
Now, I was taking votes on whether or not I should glaze the beadboard and most people said that they liked the glaze. I was planning on glazing but letting myself just have the baby and wait a while until I could do it right..... but, I have to say that the more I am in there, the more I am falling in love with the solid, classic white look and I don't know if I want to glaze anymore. I think that the glaze would look amazing, but I am starting to think that the classic white look might be a better choice to go with because it is easier to grow with when she gets older. Beadboard is NOT easy to paint unless you have a spray gun so I don't want to repaint it down the road if I get sick of the glazed look.

I think I am going to get the accessories in the room and the window treatments made and then we can see how it all looks together and I will decide them whether I want to glaze or not. As of right now, I am perfectly happy not doing it, I think my husband did an AMAZING job with it and I think it is beautiful just the way it is!

* We have 6" baseboards plus the beadboard which is 4' and then a 5" baseboard turned upside down on the top, making this almost 5' tall. This is taller than your standard chair rail style beadboard. I opted for this height so that it would clear the height of the crib and make a nice backdrop for the crib without cutting into it.


  1. It turned out gorgeous. I love it. I also like the white as well.

  2. That looks amazing! I love it! My vote now is to NOT glaze. It is so pretty just the way it is. Lots of work but it definitely paid off!

  3. I think it looks fabulous just the way it is! I like the peach color. It looks similar to the color my mother did in her guest room. It is very warm and inviting.

    Great job!

    ~ Tracy

  4. Hi Lindsi,

    As I write this with caulking all over my hands, I am grateful for finding your site. I am just finishing up putting up beadboard and found the picture of your window sill remarkably familiar. I have the wood filler - I have small nails ....and now I know what to do! BTW, our beadboard is also 4', white (I painted it- ugh) and the only difference is that I used a kit instead of the boards that you used. Your way is far better and requires a LOT less caulking. If only I had looked more before buying.... Thanks for posting this! Laura


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