Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take it back

So my daughter is here and she is doing fantastic!!!! She is absolutely beautiful and we are loving every minute of having her here with us.

So I have to take it back! Not the crib, but what I said about the crib. We went to Lowes and told the guy that we bought a crib on KSL and just told us to come this way. I guess it happens a lot that people purchase cribs and they don't get the right hardware.
Anyway, we found the right hardware that we needed and were able to get the crib put together great and now that it is up in the room, I actually REALLY like it. It is a beautiful crib and the orange color has grown on me. We got a good price on the crib and now that we got the correct hardware, I guess it wasn't to bad to have purchased the crib used. Oh, and did I mention that the lady that we purchased the crib from gave us the matching rocker/glider and ottoman for FREE!

I will post pictures soon and show you what it all looks like, but her room is still a work in progress and I will show it along the way..... lots of projects to show.

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