Thursday, February 18, 2010


Accessorizing Kenidi's room has been kind of slow but I did get her name made and put up above her crib. It has been amazing how hard it is to get things designed around the house... not necessarily because of my girls (but that is part of it), but I can't really leave the house to easily and so I can't get items that I need to get to make things.
But here is her name that I finally got put up. It isn't anything original or that you probably haven't seen before, but I really wanted to put her name up on the wall. Her spelling is so different from the original spelling of Kennedy that I wanted to highlight it in here. Her spelling is actually after my spelling, Lindsi instead of Lindsay or Lindsey.

Now Here is how I made it.

I went to our local craft store and purchased the letters for $3 each and painted them with
this brown paint from Home Depot. (Did you know that Home Depot now offers a sample size paint! I so wish they had these when I painted murals!)
Then I purchased 2 spools of ribbon, green and red, and staple gunned them to the back and tied bows on top.
Now hanging this is something that I had to think about for a minute (and of course I forgot to take pictures while I was doing it).

First - I found the center of the wall and marked it

Second - I laid a ruler on the floor and starting with the "K", I laid in on the edge of the ruler, where it ended I measured 2" from that and placed the "E" and continued through the whole name. When I was done, I saw that it ended at 27 1/2". I took half of 27 1/2 which is 13 3/4 and placed that point where the center of the wall is. By doing this, I knew that I was going to be centered on the wall.

Third - I had my husband hold the level with the ruler on it while I placed each letter in it's spot and nailed it in the wall.

I hope that makes sense if you decide to do one of these on how to hang it centered. I had every intention of taking pictures through the process but as I got started on it, I totally forgot.

We are building a beadboard cornice box for the window, so I hope that I can have that posted next week. Things just don't get done as quickly as I would like with 2 babies now.

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