Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tip of the Week - FlyLady

I was on my cousin's wife's blog the other day and she had posted about this FlyLady. She had some links on there and I decided to check it out.

This lady has a whole website teaching people how to create routines to keep their house clean and be productive through out the day.
I had more time today to really sit and read what she has posted on her website and she has some GREAT tips on there. Some of these tips I already do, but she has some stuff on there that will definitely help me out even further in my life. Now that I have another little baby in the house and a husband that works from home now, it definitely doesn't stay as clean as I would like. I am going to start taking some of these tips and applying them to my life and my daily routine to help me create a more clean, calm space for myself and I thought that maybe there are some people out there that read this blog that could use this in their lives also.

After all, if your house isn't clean and is in constant CHAOS, what good are my design tips going to be! If your house is in order and clean, then the fun design stuff comes into play..... and when the fun design stuff is going on, you want to keep your house clean! :)

Check out her website
This next link is the part of the website that I think is brilliant. I have always had it in my head of creating a weekly plan like this but haven't really done it, now I have something to follow and am more likely to get it done..... now my goal is to get my husband on board with me and keeping up on the routine..... I can't work on this routine and have him not be a part of it and making things dirty...... just wish my girls were old enough to jump on board with me, they seem to dirty EVERYTHING up around the house! But you gotta love them :)

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  1. I love your blog and work for FlyLady. I am so pleased to read that you like our system. You are so right about not being able to decorate if your house is cluttered. Thank you for sharing your ideas and artful inspiration with us. You make me feel like I can do this. <3


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