Monday, February 15, 2010

Tip of the Week - Real or Fake?

Are your's real or fake?

Get your mind out of the gutter people... I am talking about house plants!!! :)

Some people wonder what should be used in the home for decorating... real plants or fake plants.

Here is my opinion and tip on the subject and that is all that it is, there is no rule on this subject, just personal opinions.

In my own personal house, I will only use REAL plants. However, I definitely have used FAKE plants in my designs and have nothing against them.
Here I have a real plant on my kitchen table (but that has since been moved into my spare bedroom)
And here is one behind my reading corner in my Family room.

I LOVE real plants in a room because of the life and energy they add to a room. There is something very livening about having a real plant in a room.
I'm not completely gung ho about Feng Shui, but there are a few things that I do follow and real plants is one of them. They say that the oxygen that real plants let off add some positive energy and agree with it. I personally just feel better with real plants versus fake plants.

BUT.... Not everyone has a green thumb! Some people are really intimidated by real plants and that is fine. If you are one of those people, by all means use the fake plants... but I do have a tip for you to follow.
Notice in this picture above that it is in a pot!
Now this plant is also fake but is in a basket.

Which one screams FAKE to you?

Obviously you wouldn't have a real plant in a basket, so always try and get your fake plants in a pot so they can at least give people something to wonder about for a few seconds instead of knowing it is fake right off the bat.

I LOVE plants in the home, they are great corner fillers. I would have a real plant in every room if I didn't have an 18 month old daughter who likes to eat dirt! Plants have to be strategically placed in my house!

If you do have fake plants, make sure to clean them regularly, silk plants tend to get really dusty & give a fake look.

So let me know, What do you prefer?

* If you are looking to sell your house, real plants are a much better idea to have on display vs. fake ones. Because fake ones do tend to collect dust, they are a distraction for the eye & you definitely don't want that when selling.

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