Saturday, February 27, 2010

Living Room dilemmas

So, I was at Walmart a while back and I saw this pillow.

I thought "hey, this matches my living room drapes. Maybe I should get one to go behind some other pillows on my sofa and bring that pattern over to the other side of the room". Well, I didn't buy it at that time, but I saw it the other day and it was on clearance so I couldn't pass it up.
I got home and put it on the couch and because of the shape of the arms, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to put a lot of pillows on the sofa and have it look good. I decided that I just wanted one pillow in the center of the sofa and I am not sure if this is the pillow for the sofa now. I am afraid that it is all to matchy now and that I should find another pillow to go on there........
Sorry this picture is really dark, but I want to hear what you think about it. Is it to matchy or does it look alright?

Then..... I was sitting on my funny little chair holding my baby and contemplating whether I liked that pillow there or not and I got this wild itch to see what this room would look like with a different furniture arrangement.

If you remember back in this post, I showed 3 different possible furniture arrangements for this room. After living with the third option for awhile, I have found 2 things that I don't like about it; 1) I think that it feels like an alley way that dead ends at the window with the furniture facing each other and 2) It bothers me that the chairs aren't centered with the sofa and it will really be emphasized if I put a rug on the floor.

SO.... I got up and moved the furniture!
I moved the furniture to the second arrangement I had on that post and I love how warm and inviting it is.....
BUT.... there are 2 things that bother me with this arrangement; 1) I don't like how the brown chair is so close to the sofa. I had my husband sit in the chair while I sat on the sofa and we were playing footsie with each other (of course we like that but I don't think that others would like it to much :) and 2) I really don't like that the sofa is in front of the window. I won't ever get to open the blinds there if I leave it because this sofa fades very easily.
So.... what do I do? There are things that I like about both arrangements and there are things that I dislike.

Which arrangement is more appealing to you? Please let me know, I really am kind of stuck on this one!


  1. I think the pillow looks fine. Would it look bad with maybe 2 more smaller pillws with it?? If not, it still looks good. And for the arrangement, I see what you are liking and not liking about both, but I didn't like the couch infront of the window. It totally ruins the look of the nice window. I sure do love your house though.......:)

  2. I really like that new pillow. I think it looks nice there on the couch. As for furniture placement? hum...maybe if you turned the couch on an angle and tried that. Sorry not good with placements.


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