Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Family Room

I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of my family room and getting them posted. This is one of the few rooms that I have done. I love the way it turned out and how cozy it feels! As I was kind of going through everything in this room and the cost of it, I was amazed at how much of it was given to me! I haven't spent hardly any money in here in comparison to what it looks like.
My sofas were bought 7 years ago and because it has only been James and I, they still look brand new. Back 7 years ago, we paid about $1000 for the set. The coffee table, end table, and console table were purchased at R.C. Willey Outlet for about $550 or so.
ALL of the accessories but the lamp were given to me or I purchased with a gift card! I have a pillow obsession, I know.... The pillows were either made, purchased for a few dollars at a moving sale, or bought a long time ago.
This picture really shows the colors of my room well. I love my wall colors! The small table in the corner was purchased for a very specific spot in my last house that was tiny, I found it at Target for $16. It was an absolute steal. The table that the t.v. is sitting on, given to us by my step-dad, it was a piece he had before he married my mom.
The clock here was made by my sister and given to me for either my birthday or Christmas.
This is my reading corner and once again, I love it! This chair was actually a trade I did so not a penny was spent out of my pocket for it. The baskets, picture, picture frame, and blanket were all given to me for gifts. I honestly didn't realized how many things were given to me until I sat down here, it really is amazing. Other than the furniture and t.v., the only "splurge" I have in this room are my draperies. I am going to go into that another time, but draperies is a place that you want to spend a little bit more money if you can. Hopefully soon I will get some pictures of my kitchen/dining area that flow from this room to show how it all has come together, I just have a few more things to add to that area.


  1. This looks really beautiful! Do you want to fly out and decorate my apartment in Michigan? (Haha, I wish!)

  2. When you feel like talking about drapes, I have a couple questions for you. Most of my windows are corner windows, and I am really struggling with them. (Right now, actually, I just have blinds. I'm not even sure how to hang a rod in the corner...) And also, what are my options for kitchen window treatments? My window is right behind the sink, and I'm going to need something that doesn't get all gross...

  3. I love it! It looks so warm and cozy!


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