Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am going to start doing Online Consultations. All you need basically is a digital camera to be able to take pictures of your home and send them to me. I have decided to give away my first Online Consultation!

How do you win????

Who ever spreads the word the most, wins the giveway!

Here's How: Become a Follower of my blog to enter your name for the first time. Click on the follower link on the bottom of the right side column. (You must do this for your other entries to qualify)

-For your other entries, post a message on facebook, your blog, or send an email to those who would be interested in this blog and ask them to leave a comment with your name mentioned in it under this post. Whoever I get the most entries from (with your name on it) will win the giveaway. Please help me spread the word and make this blog a fun place for many to visit.

Sample Post for Facebook, Blog, or Email:

Enter Online Interior Design Consultation Giveaway!
Please leave a comment under the Giveaway post with my name (Your Name Here) mentioned in it & spread the word yourself.

Giveaway will end on October 15, 2009

* Each consultation will be based on individual rooms. Separate rooms will be separate consultations.
I will give more detail on how to purchase an online consultation and what is needed from you as the client in a future post.


  1. Sheena Cox let me know about your blog. Love it, thanks!

  2. Marilyn Roberts suggested I look at your blog.

  3. Anna Stoddard told me about your blog. Great ideas and cute home!

  4. Anna Stoddard told me about your blog too

  5. Anna Stoddard sent me to your blog! Darling nursery

  6. I would love some help with my bedroom, it is pretty much the last room in my house that needs to be done and I need a new bedspread so I can start from scratch!

  7. Hey Lindsi! That's cool you're doing a giveaway. I posted on Facebook and left the (Your name here) there!! Serves me right for trying to do anything before 9am, I have rules against that. Well, I emailed friends, posted on my blog and on Facebook. Hope you get the word spread! What a fun way to make $$ at home doing something you love!

  8. Great site and great ideas. Thanks Anna Stoddard for spreading the word.

  9. Great ideas Lindsi! I just sent out an email!


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