Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Organizing-using what you have

Something that I love to do is organize things. I know, I know, that is probably weird to some of you, but I can't stand it when things aren't organized. I am sure that all of us would like all of our cupboards and drawers to look like something from Martha Stewart but that doesn't always happen. I would LOVE all of my cupboards to have matching little storage boxes that color coordinated, but that just isn't practical and cost effect in my life right now. However, I can have organized closets and cupboards just by using things that I have around the house. Let me show you some things that I have done.
Here we have a very basic Potterybarn box. I was given a gift in this box and I held onto it because I loved that it had a top that closed.

I needed to store some fabric samples that I have, so I took some ordinary gallon ziploc bags and organized all of my fabrics by color and stored them in the box. This is something that is so simple to do and doesn't really cost anything, but I LOVE having everything organized in the bags and not just thrown into the box.
Here are my larger fabrics that are folded up and stored in this box and bin that I had lying around. They are separated by neutrals and color fabrics.
Now this is my PET!!! I love this little thing to death! My trusty label maker. People who know me really well have to joke about this because they know how much I love this thing. Every household should have a label maker. I use this all the time.
Here is a closet that is my general closet in my upstairs. My office is in the open upstairs so I need to use this closet for normal linen closet things as well as office things. Everything in here is organized in it's box or designated area and labeled. It doesn't look like a Martha Stewart closet, but it is very organized and is storing the things that I need it to.
Here are some bins that I have had for years and they are storing all sorts of things (mainly my paints) but each one is labeled and I don't have any problems finding what I am looking for.
Now this is something that some may look at as weird, but I think it is very functional for me. I had this spice jar rack thing that I got for my wedding years ago. I did not like the look of it so I bought cute spice jars to display. I didn't want this thing to go to waste, so I turned it into an office supply caddy and I store it in one of my office closets. Each jar is of course labeled, but it stores, paper clips, staples, push pins, velcro etc. Sometimes you need to look at things in a totally different light.
Now this is one of my FAVORITE organizing tools ever! Simple energy drink boxes that have dividers in the middle. I used to buy a lot of these drinks and had a lot of boxes lying around and I decided to put them to good use.
I use these things to store socks, nylons, belts, scarves, tank tops rolled up, hair products, pretty much anything that will fit in the small little holes. I even use one to organize my blasted $500 markers that I have, each section has a different color organized inside of it.

I dare you to go through your house and see what random things you have lying around that can be used as storage bins. I have a lot of different things and I am sure that I will end up posting again on different ideas that can be used.

If it is out in the open, definitely find more decorative ways to store and organize, but if it is in a closet behind closed doors, by all means use things you have and save the money for something that is seen all the time.


  1. I have the same label maker! When I first bought it I was addicted and put labels on EVERYTHING. My husband just laughed at me for how in love I was with it. One Christmas Jon got me clear rubbermaid bins to store stuff in and I was really excited. It was so hard to hold back from organizing the closets on Christmas (those bins got labels, by the way!). Organizing is so important. Great ideas, Lindsi!! Now I want a spice rack. :)

  2. I am so excited about this blog (Melinda emailed me with the news). There are so many great tips here! Congrats as well on the baby on the way, that is so exciting to have two little girls so close in age.

  3. Lindsi, I seriously LOVE your new blog! I'm reading through it a little at a time and loving all the tips and etc. Today, Chase looked at all the adorable murals with me - he loved Winnie the Pooh & the car. I so need to invite you over to take a look at my huge project: decorate & organize my new house!
    Love, Calisa


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