Friday, October 2, 2009

The Nesting Table Snatch....

So I mentioned in my very first post that I had a serious addiction to KSL classifieds. I was on there earlier this week and found some nesting tables for $10! They were a light color but I was going to get them and refinish them to look more like this picture.

I text the lady and had it all arranged that I would come and pick them up after my Dr. appointment on Wednesday. While I was in the Dr. appointment, I got a text from her saying that a family member had come over to her house while she was gone and took them, not knowing that she had already pre-sold them to me! I think that nesting tables would be the perfect table to go in between my 2 living room chairs. Now I am really bummed that they are gone and that I lost these great little tables at that price. So now I am on the look out once again for some nesting tables to go in my living room. BUMMER!

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