Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Of - Fall Table Centerpiece

I am not one to really decorate for the Fall or Halloween, I would much rather spend my money on something that is more permanent in my home year round. But I really do love it when people do the seasonal decorating.

I did decide that I wanted to do a centerpiece on my kitchen table that can be used for the Fall and then switch a few things and it can be used for Christmas also ( I do LOVE Christmas decorating).
I had seen this idea back years ago and had wanted to do it, but I am not much of a glass vase type person so I couldn't picture it in my house..... Well, I was on another girl's design blog a little ago and she had this idea on there that she did for her dining table and covered the vases with fabric. BRILLIANT! Why didn't I think of that?

This whole thing cost me less than $25 and I love that I can just switch things out and have new centerpiece for Christmas and I already have the stuff for the Christmas one.

How to Make it-
Start off with any mirror. I bought this one at the DI thrift store for $2.00.
I didn't like the gold frame on it so I spray painted it black with the leftover spray paint from my Family frame project. (Make sure that you tape it off completely before you spray paint so you don't ruin the actual mirror)
After it dried, I took some metallic copper paint I had (I bought at Walmart for $1 something) and rubbed my finger over the raised ornamentation to highlight it. (In this picture, the corner and the side had been done but the top had not)
Then I took 3 vases. I had the large one for the center just sitting around, but I had to buy the two side ones and I got them at Walmart for $2.00 a piece. I also bought the fabric at Walmart for $1.50 a yard. ( I bought 2 yards and I don't even think I used half a yard for these 3 vases but I wanted extra just in case.) Line the edges up and cut it to size

Get some double stick tape and tape it down, roll the fabric around, fold the edge in and tape down and then tape the folded edge over the first edge that was taped down.
I bought some little pumpkins and gourds at Walmart for $.78 a piece (bought 5), 3 beaded candle rings which were $2.99 a piece from Back Home Decor (I am going to do a whole post on Back Home Decor in an upcoming post. These 2 have awesome home accessories for inexpensive that they sell out of their home, that means they can save you money compared to the retailers!), and some fall leaves from the dollar store ( I bought 1 bunch and then just cut it apart with a wire cutter and placed it all around).
I put glass votive holders in each one and purchased 3 votives from the dollar store and lit it all up. Of course the picture doesn't do it justice, it really is a cool little piece and you can see the reflection in the mirror underneath.

So this is my one little thing that is fall that I have in my house. If you would like some other ideas for Halloween or Fall decorating, check out this girl's blog
She has actually made me want to start decorating for Halloween and Fall and I have never really cared about that before.

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