Monday, October 26, 2009

Tip Of The Week - Bay Windows

I know that this is something that people will appreciate knowing. This is something that even my husband questioned me on and I will stick strong to this tip.

How many of you have a bay window or a jetted out window like I have here in this picture?
I know that when people are painting their walls and they come to this window, they ask themselves "Do I paint the ceiling in here or do I leave it white?" People usually will leave it white because it is a ceiling, right?!

Well don't!..:)....Please, Please, Please paint the ceiling area of your window the SAME color as the walls!!!

I really want to emphasize this. I really wish I had a DO NOT example but I don't.
If you look at my window, you notice the window! That is the goal, right!
If you leave the ceiling area white, that is what you are going to notice right away and that isn't where your attention should be going.

I hope this tip makes sense to everyone and that they can understand and appreciate it. I hate seeing people have a little bit darker color on their walls and this white ceiling area in their window and all you notice is the ceiling area because it stands out.

Please trust me on this one!


  1. nice to know. thanks! i made this mistake in my room, but i got bad advice from someone that should've known better! i've been working on my plans for some rooms in my house and am excited. need to send you some design questions sometime. my christmas gift this year is to paint/decorate our family room (finally!). keep the tips coming. for the last few weeks this has been the most interesting blog to read on my google reader. ;)

  2. SO TRUE!! Years ago I didn't paint our bay window ceiling at first and that latest about an hour. :)


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