Thursday, October 29, 2009

Office Dilemma

Remember in my Inspiration Post I mentioned how this fabric was my inspiration for the office? Well, I am having a serious dilemma and I'm not quite sure what to do!
My step-dad gave me his chairs from his old work office. There are 4 chairs, I am only using two in my office..... Here is the BIG DILEMMA for me..... They are BLUE!

Do you see any blue in this fabric? And if you read my Paint Post a while ago, you know my feelings on the color blue in my own personal house.

Here is the thing, I can use this fabric and make green slipcovers for the chairs, but to be completely honest, there are a lot of other projects that I would rather spend my time and money on. I also have a lot of pictures and objects from our travels that have blue in them.
I have fought and fought putting blue in this room and I feel like I am losing the fight.

I have been putting together my photo gallery for the office ( I can't wait to show you how great the picture displays are looking) and I was going through my travel pictures and came across these pictures of my daughter in her Hawaiian dress.
I got looking at the colors and thought maybe this dress would work for my inspiration! It has navy blue in it along with orange and green. My walls are an orangey, caramel color and I have a lot of green items that I was going to put in the room as well as paint an accent wall on my stairs green. I would need to see if I can find some fabric that gives the travel feel for my drapes and pillows for the chairs. I need to go do some hunting, but just maybe I can come to terms with blue in my home and make this office look fabulous still!

Stay Tuned to see the final reveal..... Hopefully it will be coming soon!

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