Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making Of - Brooklyn's Ribbon Picture Frames

In Brooklyn's nursery I have 3 picture frames hanging above her crib and here is how I made those.
First I bought these picture frames unfinished at Roberts Crafts. I actually went in there 3 separate times with a 50% off coupon so I could get the discount on each frame. With the discount, they cost me about $4.00 a piece.

The ribbon I purchased at Joann's Fabrics for $3.99 a roll and I needed 2 (with quite a bit left over).
The first step is to paint the base coat which was a red brown color with cheap acrylic paint. Let that dry, then paint over it with top color which was a pink color that I created with a pink, grey, and white acrylic paint.

After that has dried, take a very fine sand paper and lightly rub on the edges and in various spots on the front to wear the pink off and show the bottom layer of the brown through.
When those have dried, take the ribbon and measure in your desired spot on the back of the frame, angle each side inward and staple in place.

To do the 2nd and 3rd frames, I laid them over the first frame so that I could get the angle exactly the same on each one.
I tied the bows, making sure they were the same length, and hung them up on nails. Once again, this was such a cheap way to make a big impact and focal point in this nursery and I love how it turned out!

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